Prof. Gerry Melino, Director
Prof. Mauro Piacentini, Deputy Director


As a cross-departmental center TOR joins local forces from different departments of Rome Tor Vergata. The scientific division is structured in research groups led by 11 faculty members:

Massimiliano Agostini           DEM    AP        Molecular Biology
Francesca Bernassola            DEM    AP        Molecular Biology
Eleonora Candi                       DEM    P          Molecular Biology
Sandro Grelli                          DEM    AP        Microbiology
Alessandro Mauriello            DEM    P          Histopathology
Gerry Melino                          DEM    P          Biochemistry
Giuseppe Novelli                    DBP     P          Genetics
Mauro Piacentini                    DB       P          Cell Biology
Nicola Rosato                         DEM    P          Biochemistry
Giuseppe Tisone                     DS        P          Transplant & Abdominal Surgery

DEM=Department Experimental Medicine; DB=Department Biology; DS=Department Surgery; DBP=Department Biomedicine Prevention; P= Professor; AP=Associate Professor