In addition to the editorial activities, the editorial board of CDDpress is also engaged in promotion of scientific excellence with the organization of scientific events within the brand of CDDconference and CDDretreat. CDDconferences are aimed to promote generation of large scientific forums on essential topics in biomedical research with the goal of fostering and facilitating communication and collaboration. The CDDconferences are aimed to larger scientific communities including leading and established scientists as well as junior researchers. A CDDconference is held annually in Europe and one in China. The CDDretreats are informal small scientific meetings based on invitation-only attendance with the goal of fostering and facilitating already existing interactions within cutting-edge researchers across the biomedical scientific community. A CDDretreat is held annually in Capri, Italy. In addition to the CDDconferences and CDDretreats, CDDpress sponsors and participates to organization of scientific events in partnership with other scientific societies and bodies.

During the annual CDDconference the CDD Award and the CDD Tschopp Prize are awarded. Both prize winners are nominated by CDDpress editorial board and selected by the CDD Award Committee as active investigators who have produced innovative, paradigm-shifting research that is worthy of significant and broad attention in the field of cell death and has the capacity to transform their fields. Recent CDD Awards have been assigned to Andreas STRASSER (2015), Tak MAK (2016), Shige NAGATA (2017), Karen VOUSDEN (2018), Carol PRIVES (2019). The CDD Tschopp Prizes were recently awarded to Fabio MARTINON (2015), Peter VANDENABEELE (2016), Doug GREEN (2017), Vishva DIXIT (2018), Xiadong WANG (2019).