TOR 's mission is to

Unit Mission
TOR ‘s mission is to develop basic and translational biomedical research in oncology to improve patients health by fostering an internationally competitive research environment in Rome. These objectives will be developed by promoting frontline basic cancer research and translating appropriate approaches for personalized and preventive oncology.
By generating, expanding and sharing research infrastructure, expertise and collaboration, TOR will provide a platform which will serve scientists of cutting-edge science facilities.
The establishment in 1994 of the principal Editorial Office of Springer Nature journals, CDDpress, will allow the TOR to pursue the mission of disseminating scientific information, activities and achievements. This engages organization of scientific meetings, retreats, in addition to the peer-reviewed international scientific publications. TOR will foster a better comprehension and dissemination of fundamental research for modern oncology.

With the internationally recognized PhD programme and Master’s degree based in the Centre, with opportunities for editorial/publishing training as well as continuous interaction with the clinicians, TOR will provide the ideal training platform for future cancer scientists.

Further opportunities for progress and innovation will stem from the valuable international network of collaborative basic research, translation of technologies for the benefit of cancer patients as well as perspective technology transfer with start-up and industry.