Advanced Light Microscopy

ZNF185 is upregulated during keratinocyte differentiation
Courtesy of Prof. Eleonora Candi, TOR Centre

The Advanced Light Microscopy provides equipment and software for the acquisition, processing and analysis of light-captured images. The confocal suite is equipped with two scanning confocal microscopes (Nikon A1 and C1), one of which currently being upgraded with a Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) module for super resolution studies. Live cells can be imaged with an on-stage incubation system. The Center is also equipped with IncuCyte System for automatic live time-lapse acquisition and analyses of fluorescence and phase contrast images in high-content modality. Moreover, there is a number of large wide-field microscope systems which are dedicated to CCD camera acquisition of fluorescence and bright field images.

TAp73 depletion drives tumor progression
Courtesy of Prof. Ivano Amelio, TOR Centre

Spectroscopy studies are performed with a high pressure spectrofluorometer, a single photon counting as well as a Jasco CD. The equipment is used by all TOR research groups and external collaborators

Intracellular localization of Ambra1
Courtesy of Prof. Mauro Piacentini, TOR Centre