Prof. Gerry Melino

Gerry Melino is Principal Investigator for the Function of the p53 family member p73

Gerry Melino, MD (Rome), PhD (London), Dr Sci hc (St Petersburg), is Professor of Biochemistry, at the University of Rome-Tor Vergata. Member Accademia Lincei & Accademia Europaea. He is Founder & Editor-in-Chief of 3 journals, Cell Death Differentiation ( (impact factor 10.5), Cell Death Disease ( (IF 6.1), Cell Death DIscovery ( (IF 4.2), member of several other Editorial Boards and Scientific Advisor for several Governmental Institutions. His scientific interest (H-index 105; Citations 56000) focuses upon programmed cell death in epidermal and neural models, and in particular on the p53 family – p63 and p73, in cancer progression.

Representative Publications
Melino G. The Syren’s song (Concept: apoptosis). Nature. 2001. 412:23.
Melino G. Order must spring from chaos in Italian research. Nature. 2018. 556(7702):436.
Pieraccioli M, et al. ZNF281 inhibits neuronal differentiation and is a prognostic marker for neuroblastoma.
PNAS-USA. 2018;115(28):7356-7361.
Liu K, Lin L, Li Q, et al. Scd1 controls de novo beige fat biogenesis through succinate-dependent regulation of mitochondrial complex II. PNAS-USA. 2020;117(5):2462–2472.
Amelio I, et al. The C-terminus of p73 is essential for hippocampal development. PNAS-USA. 2020, in press.