Prof. Giuseppe Novelli

Giuseppe Novelli is Principal Investigator for the Genetics and Genomics hereditary cancer

Prof. Novelli is a Human Geneticist, member of Academia of Europae. He was president of UNITOV (2013-2019) and member of numerous commissions nominated by the Italian Ministry of Health and Italian Ministry of Research and Universities, for evaluating of Universities and Research in Italy. Expert of EMA (Pharmacogenomics Working Party (PgWP). The broad impact of the contribution of Giuseppe Novelli is testified by citations. As of march 2020 he has over 24.092 citations and an H-index of 73. A bibliometric analysis indicates that he is one of the most quoted geneticist among the TIS (Top Italian Scientists

Representative Publications
Weedon MN, et al. An in-frame deletion at the polymerase active site of POLD1 causes a multisystem disorder with lipodystrophy. Nature Genet. 2013;45(8):947–950.
Alborelli I, et al. Cell-free DNA analysis in healthy individuals by next-generation sequencing: a proof of concept and technical validation study. Cell Death Dis. 2019;10(7):534.
Murdocca M, et al. Targeting LOX-1 Inhibits Colorectal Cancer Metastasis in an Animal Model.
Front Oncol. 2019;9:927.
Pucci S, et al. Pro-oncogenic action of LOX-1 and its splice variant LOX-1Δ4 in breast cancer phenotypes. Cell Death Dis. 2019;10(2):53.
Biancolella et al. Genetics and Genomics of Breast Cancer: update and translational perspectives.
Seminar in Cancer Biol. 2020, in press (MS N. YSCBI-D-19-00019)ss.