Prof. Massimiliano Agostini

Massimiliano Agostini is Principal Investigator for the Dissecting the Role of ZNF750 in Cancer

Massimliano Agostini is Associate Professor in Molecular Biology at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. He obtained his PhD in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology (Perugia, Italy), working on the pharmacological modulators of the immune response. In 2005, he became a Research Assistant at University of Perugia (Italy). In 2007-2014, he worked at the MRC Toxicology Unit, (UK), as PostDoc and then as Senior Investigator. In 2014 worked at TW Mak’s laboratory as visiting scientist (Canada). He is mainly interested in the characterization of transgenic mice with genetic alterations in the p53 family genes and their targets to understand their effect on development and cancer.

Representative Publications
Cassandri M et al. Agostini M and Melino G ZNF750 represses breast cancer invasion via epigenetic control of prometastatic genes Oncogene 2020 In press.
Pieraccioli M, Nicolai S, Pitolli C, Agostini M, et al. ZNF281 inhibits neuronal differentiation and is a prognostic marker for neuroblastoma PNAS U S A 2018; 115(28):7356-7361.
Viticchiè G, Agostini M, et al ΔNp63 supports aerobic respiration through hexokinase II. PNAS USA. 2015; 112(37):11577-82. Trends Biochem Sci 2014; 39(4):191-198.
Agostini M, et al. Neuronal differentiation by TAp73 is mediated by miR-34a regulation of synaptic protein targets. PNAS U S A. 2011; 108(52):21093-8.